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This platform was developed to serve as a basis for Christians to stand up against the evil that strangles us on all levels of life in South Africa. On political level, in schools, at home and in our churches Satan is busy destroying Christianity. Only God can help us to save this country! It is our dream to assemble all Christians in South Africa to become a Nation of God, just like the Israelites of old and to move into all areas to win back this country for God. Just think how wonderful it will be if God-fearing leaders are ruling this beautiful country again! We believe that all this havoc is the result of our disobedience to God. Just as the Israelites, we allowed Satan and his accomplices to infiltrate our lives to such an extend that we strayed away from God. The Israelites paid a huge price for their disobedience. They lost their land and were taken to other cities and countries as exiles. 2 Kings 17 from verse 7-23 explains clearly what the reasons were for God to remove the Israelites from His sight(v18). We believe that we are currently in a state of “exile” due to our disobedience to God.

We hope further that this platform will also serve as a forum where we all can learn more about God, His Love and His Plan for us. We invite all the citizens of South Africa to join actively in the discussions and topics that we will post here. Ons praat ook lekker Afrikaans!!

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