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Hope for South-Africa?

Do we need to be alarmed with what is currently happening in South Africa? Everywhere in the press, on a daily basis, we read about violent crimes, toture, murder and robberry of the innocent, corrupt government officials who keep themselves busy daily with criminal activities……..the list just go on and on. Just as we think nothing worst can happen, something more horrible happens! Is this only a phase in the development of South Africa or is this the signs of times?

As Believers we cannot ignore this fall into decay. Timothy 4:1-2 warns us that this will happen at the ends of time. There is no time for lame Christians anymore. We need to stand up as Spirit-filled children of God and fight against the powers of evil that are currently overwhelming our country. We need to make an impact on all levels of life in South Africa. Let us ask God to empower us with His Holy Ghost to conquer these dark forces! Amen!